Is Juul System Same as Smokeless Cigarettes

It is the opinion of many that smokeless tobacco and vaping or Juul device are one and the same. However, this fact is not true. The tobacco trade is booming in today’s world through the sale of traditional cigarettes. Many cigarette manufacturing companies are enjoying the profits made from the sale of traditional cigarettes. At the same time, there are also a huge number of companies that are making more profits from the sale of smokeless tobacco products to their wide range of customers.

Here we are looking at the facts related to Juul device versus smokeless tobacco:

Smokeless tobacco means simply chewing the tobacco as it is, not in cigarette form. In this process there is no smoke while consuming the tobacco and it can be taken even in areas where cigarette smoking is prohibited. This smoke free method of taking in the tobacco into the bloodstream has become very popular among millions of tobacco lovers because of various reasons.

The most interesting and vital reason is that you don’t have to get permission to chew tobacco anywhere, the product enters the bloodstream faster and provides the best feeling that the consumer is expecting from chewing on it. However, this does cause a lot of harm to the body leading to mouth cancer and other hazardous ailments.

Juul system on the other hand, are meant to help smokers to and tobacco chewers to quit the bad habit of the intake of tobacco into the system. Juul pod smoking involves smoking a vapor that has the smell of tobacco used in smokeless tobacco and traditional cigarettes. This is one of the many advantages of using electronic cigarettes.

The consumer experiences a thick aroma and feel of inhaling tobacco, which however, is not going to last the whole day or harm the consumer’s body. The smoke that comes out of smoking Juul pod does not even harm the people around the smoker. It is purely a way of enjoying the feeling of inhaling tobacco smoke that it not harmful to the smoker, nor the people around.

Though smoking Juul pod is not prohibited in public areas, there could be a time when the smoker will need to get permission to use this in an office or a public area where there still could be some people who feel it is offensive and annoying to put up with a smoker.

Some points in Juul device versus smokeless tobacco:

1. People smoking Juul pod can control the level of nicotine that they take while smoking, whereas the smokeless tobacco users don’t have this option since tobacco chewing has a set level of nicotine.

2. Smokeless tobacco can be taken anywhere, but the end results are very hazardous. On the contrary, Juul pod too are allowed anywhere in public, but they are harmless to both, the public and the smoker.

3. Smokeless tobacco provides a bad odor that not everyone will like, whereas Juul system are odorless and acceptable.

You can conclude that Juul pod are more favorable than the traditional cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products as well. We recommend you visit ELiquid Depot official website to browse the collections of Juul pods and other vaping device.