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Who We Are

How It All Started

Coffee Script Cook Book began as a personal project – it was nothing but a website design service provided by John Terry in 1995. He worked by himself for a few years, until his cousin and a few friends from school have also decided to step in and make some money. By 2002, the project became an actual registered company.

Today, Coffee Script Cook Book employs over 25 professionals. We have at least one expert in pretty much every major language, not to mention design, SEO and marketing specialists who will ensure your website is properly created. To make it even easier for you, our testers ensure there are no errors or bugs whatsoever.

What We Specialize in

The size of our team is not random. We do not just bring people together. Instead, we employ people based on multiple aspects. Most importantly, if someone joins us, it means we could actually use a hand. Their expertise, studies and education could be the most important parts in the process. At the same time, we try to train and find new people who specialize in things that we do not have. This way, we try to be one step ahead of our competition, but we also want to make sure that no matter what you have in mind, we can make it happen. It is just a matter of time. Your vision and plans will go around our template.

At a first glance, as you look through our templates, it might look like a good looking, stylish and attractive design is everything we pay attention to. This is only a terrible misconception. We do believe that a good looking website will retain customers, indeed. But how about the rest of its functionality? For this reason, the actual design is a secondary element. Functionality is the actual main thing that we look for when we create new templates. We create, test, modify, test again and so on, only to make sure that we can deliver regardless of what you need.

“Keep it up – you have 0% chances if you do not try.”

Maria Pele

Our Experts

Meet the Main Team


Jack Grainger


Sue Mcallister


Kevin Happe


Rachel Simpson

Customer service

Mary Brophy

Graphic designer

Monica Weil

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Although it is optional, cloud storage is one of the most common packages among our customer these days – easily accessible anywhere.


We pay attention to small details – event those that might be on the paper, but never visible to the naked eye.


Our servers feature powerful antivirus and firewall softwares. We have never had any problems and we hope to keep it like tis.


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